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“Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2 KJV

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The Godly Word and God's Holy work is beyond our understanding. He sees outside of time and space and has power to work all things. These are just a few of His miracles: His animals can speak, He created angels and demons. His holy guardians wield flaming swords, he created a man from dust with a body spirit and soul, God created not one but two eternal spiritual realms, God appeared to men as a cloud, a pillar of fire and flaming bush and spoke as such, the long dead bodies of saints arose and were Read more [...]

KJV has the “Received Text”; modern bibles have a CULT text

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Vatican Perversions P6/9 Bible Exposed Nestles’s Text

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NIV Bible & Satanic Bible Owned By Porn Pimp

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ESV BIBLE Video It Must Be powerful!

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Accuracy of the Bible Not Important?

I had a couple of people tell me this last week that the accuracy of the Bible was not important, that maintaining the overall theme and sharing the Gospel with others was all that matters. You can't share the gospel if you leave part of it out! I like a good theme but I will not allow the doctrine to be replaced by the theme. Telling part of the Gospel and leaving out part is deceptive. Christ died for our sins and was buried and then resurrected in the flesh. He prayed for us and God sent us a Read more [...]

Is There Rebellion in the Church?

Do the church leaders reject Biblical teaching? Do they emphasize the Heart and neglect mind, body, and spirit? I have spoken with numerous preachers who feel like it ok to neglect study, knowledge, and doctrine as long as you maintain the overall theme of the bible and share some version of the gospel. Let me assure you friends there is only one version of the Gospel and it is accurate and complete. Have your Elder Deacons “Sat down” on you or refused to serve claiming that they have done Read more [...]

The Holman Christian Standard Bible Whose Standard is it?

The Holman Christian Standard Bible Whose Standard is it? By Will Kinney The Holman CSB is the latest in a long line of modern bible versions that rejects the Traditional Greek New Testament readings, as found in such English Bibles as Tyndale, Coverdale, Bishop's, Geneva, and the King James Bible.The Holman version also frequently rejects the Hebrew Masoretic text and instead follows the Greek Septuagint, the Syriac, Vulgate, or in some cases, just makes up its own text as it goes along. In Read more [...]

The Holman Christian Standard Bible Exposed

The roots of the HCSB can be traced back as early as 1984, when Arthur Farstad, general editor of the New King James Version of the Bible, began a new independent translation project. In 1998, Farstad and LifeWay Christian Resources (the publishing arm of the Southern Baptist Convention) came to an agreement that would allow LifeWay to fund and publish the completed work. Farstad died shortly thereafter, and leadership of the editorial team was turned over to Dr. Edwin Blum, who had been an integral Read more [...]

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